I am Abdeljaoued Riadh. I am a teacher of English and I have a degree in Italian and a certificate in Russian. I have worked in the field of tourism since 1997. I did the consultant, agent, assistant, attendant, the guide and eventually I am the general manager of an agency travel. I go out with groups of French, Italian and sometimes English. After thousands of trips, and after seeking the views of customers at the end of each circuit or each trip, I realized that 98% of the tourists say that everything we do is too touristic. With all the effort I make to make the trips more interesting and beautiful tourists always say it is good but it is too touristic. For this I decided to create this site to offer to my customers a very different product and especially not touristic. I have suggested the idea to all the tourists who made a tour with me. They were very happy and encouraging and even participating once the site is in practice. Thus, based on my long experience and my knowledge, you will trust me and make your next trip with us.
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